About Us

Handmade Soap


Designed and formulated by an expert soapmaker with over 15 years experience in the personal care industry. Our founder, Trista Page, has made thousands of soaps for individuals and corporations all over the US, from personal soaps to beer soap and even dog soap!  She's also given seminars, instruction and demonstrations and is known as an expert in the field of soap design and formulation. 

Innovative Designs


Vibrant colors, delicious scents, each soap is designed to be a show-stopper.  Our "saponificologist" is an expert in scent-blending, creating sumptuous "flavors" and eye-catching designs. Display them if you want, but using them is even better!  You'll be hooked the first time you use our soaps. 

Quality Matters


 We use only pure vegetable oils in the formula for our soaps, each one chosen for it's luxurious qualities.  No preservatives, no parabens.  Just quality ingredients, plant and mineral-based colorants and mesmerizing scents that are designed specifically for soap-making.